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happy. they rewarded congress for getting a last-minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff by closing up 308 points, the biggest rally we have seen in months. but there are plenty of critics who say congress failed in efforts to reach a deal that was a threat -- threat to deficit spending. >> critics complained the last- minute deal could be summed up like this -- raised payroll taxes for everyone, or let's just wait for everything else. >> this is a new day and not a bright day. it was very much a small ball. was kicking the can down the road. the problem is each time you kick the can, it gets heavier. >> when virginia democrat voted against the deal, saying it did not do enough to help the middle class. last night, president obama conceded he was supporting deal
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only after failing to get a bigger and better agreement. >> the fact is, the deficit is still too high and we're still investing too little in the things we eat. >> as congress prepares for another showdown over the debt ceiling, conservatives are criticizing the deal. a coalition of business and public leaders pushed hard for a deal to grow the economy. >> they can't solve these problems ahead of time and when they get the deal, it's not even a real deal. >> house speaker john boehner laurence state tirade of expletives that harry reid right outside the house speaker a dictator on the senate floor. you can expect more of that tension in the weeks to come.
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>> stay with us for complete coverage of the fiscal cliff deal and what could happen in the next few months. for more on the impact on you and your family, the 02 -- go to and our social media websites. >> the other story is the failure of congress to come up with a comprehensive relief package for the victims of hurricane sandy. the governor of new jersey is angry at the house speaker for pulling the eight, calling it a trail. it comes after the senate approved a package on friday. chris christie called the move in the house a slap in the face to the state. >> americans are tired of the
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palace intrigue and political partnership -- partisanship of this congress that pleases one upmanship head of the lives of the citizens who sends these people to washington d.c. in the first place. >> a vote to sandy relief will happen in house by january 15. >> the latest in a development -- a developing story -- secretary of state and hillary clinton is out of a hospital after being treated for a blood clot. she was released from new york presbyterian hospital in the last few hours. she was admitted on sunday for treatment of a blood clot behind her right here. she is taking blood thinners and is expected to make a full recovery. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused the deadly fire in anne arundel county. the victim is believed to be a home owner and used a
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wheelchair. his dog also died in the fire. >> family members of the dead d.c. teenager need your help. days after the girl was struck and killed by car, are loveland's believe she was a target of a crime before the car accident. a vigil was being held a northwest for memory. >> people are gathered here preparing for a candlelight vigil at first and new york avenue where she was struck and killed last friday evening. family members are asking police to investigate a claim the young woman ran into traffic because a male is trying to steal her jacket. >> she was wearing the pink coat when she was struck by cars on new york ave. at the home today, they said a witness was running from a male trying to steal her coat.
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>> she he was chasing her across the street. that's what the girl told us. >> they put the witness in touch with police and police said they are investigating the incident but did not confirm any information about would be robbery involved. police say the 16-year-old was to run 6:00 by a car that stopped and then an suv that kept going. the victim's mother was in hospital at the time was released this afternoon. >> she had on a jacket i bought for her. >> the brand which her sister were to do has been a focus of robberies in the city. >> we have not identified the driver of the car. people are coming forward and we are asking for anyone else to come forward. >> she just started to live for
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life and she is playful. >> the visual headed to first and new york avenue where a 16- year-old was struck on friday. she died on saturday in the hospital. police have not found the driver and are looking for the driver. the family has not revealed to us the witness who allegedly with the running, saying someone was trying to steal her coat. >> thank you. new at 6:00 the 20 a d.c. council was sworn into office today. he took on the role after the resignation of kwame brown.
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-- he called the booming time for the district and a good time to be mayor. >> after the sex abuse scandal at penn state, the governor of pennsylvania is taking aim at the n.c.a.a.. the governor is filing an antitrust suit against the organization saying -- its sanctions against jerry were awarded, to far-reaching and bad for all of counseling. >> these sanctions are an attack on the past. -- pat past, present, it features tunes of pennsylvania state. as governor of this commonwealth, i cannot and will not stand by to let it happen without a fight. >> a spokesperson for the n.c.a.a. declined a statement saying the organization does not comment on ongoing legal matters. >> let's get to the playoff showdown coming this sunday. the mayor of seattle announces a bet with the d.c. mayor as the playoff match approaches. about one hour ago, the seattle
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mayor said -- ba >> coming up, an interview with robert for the third. >> changes on the way in or light bulb. you may want to get to the store soon. >> in silver spring, it in a controversy when a 6-year-old goes to another student and says powell and was suspended. the family says that is an overreaction. >> skies are clearing out and it will get cold. teams by morning.
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>> good news tonight for the u.s. auto market. sales should top 15 million in 2013 nearly 7% more than 2012 and the strongest sales forecasts since before the recession. this optimistic prediction hinges on spending cuts being debated on capitol hill and the availability of consumer credit. >> the new year means lights out
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for 75 watt light bulbs. under federal law 75 watt incandescent bulbs can no longer be produced or imported. retailers can sell existing stocks until they run out. the government is gradually phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of more energy- efficient bulbs. 60 and 40 watt bulbs will be phased out in 2014. >> still to come, a family is angry after a 6-year-old is suspended from a montgomery county school. the reason officials made the move. >> conditions are column for now, but for how long. a football legend is walking away from the sport. who announced their retirement today? in all work for the burgundy and gold this week.
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-- add your favorite ingredieients, like spicy jalapeños or crisp green peppers. get to your local subway and tae some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh. >> the family of a prince george's county elementary school students in montgomery county is outraged night after their childless suspended. >> the family claims the 6-year-
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old boy was we have more from the family and the school. >> he went like this. >> but would that gesture be threatening enough to justify a suspension from school? the family of one person says that's what happened to them just days after the connecticut school shootings. >> this is amy can skinny child on a scale of one to 100, i would give him 8.2. >> officials described as a serious incident where the boy threatened to shoot a student. the family attorney says they are appealing the suspension, calling it an overreaction. >> it is on his prominent record that he threatened to shoot a student. five years from now, someone will look at that and say it's a bad kid. he has been thrown under the buff.
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>> a spokesperson told us this was not a knee-jerk reaction to a single incident adding that with tender students, there's a serious discussion about the problematic behavior. >> nowadays, it is something very scary. at the same time, i think that was too harsh 46-year-old. >> i would not expect someone to be that to my child. if they did i would expect some kind of discipline. >> ina they feel they must do something, but six-year olds, that is a little much. >> the boy's family once the school record cleared in may after sent to a different school. >> the other people were wearing sunglasses, said the son must have been out. >> it was a deceptive sunshine. it was nice and bright, a little on the cool side.
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gradually, a nice warming trend. >> snow lovers, i can't do anything to help you. a time lapse and from our rooftop camera, and other beautiful evening. just a nice night. that will lead us into a cold overnight with many areas getting close to 20 degrees or the upper teens. 20 degrees with the dew point of nine. the air is very dry and has the potential of getting into the teens. the dew point in the upper teens, so one of the cold nights we have had this entire winter season. three degrees below the average high of 43 degrees. 33 in new york city at laguardia. caribou, maine, seven above.
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24 in detroit. minneapolis, 20 degrees with plenty of cold air. the coldest heart will bypass our region. tomorrow, right back to 40 degrees. temperatures three degrees below average. some high clouds is about all we have seen today. the storm track remains well to our south. the high pressure is in charge for the next couple of days with a minor cold front passing through or an atmospheric area of low pressure with a minor cold front. that will reinforce the cool, dry air. we will finally get the high pressure and change the wind direction and that will cause the temperature to go up.
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the next seven days shape up like this -- 43 on saturday. sunshine and clouds. a nice warm up tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the interactive seven-day is among the many features you will find on our whether page. >> and now between the sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> all love the excitement even though we are several days out is about rg3. >> we also have our prime-time special. it is their highest selling jersey since the nfl started keeping track. people love him and so does the league. he likes to have a little fun. he played a joke on head coach acting like one of us in the
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media. i talked to him one-on-one and he told me while i may be on him, he's watching the veterans and has learned from that. >> everyone looks at you, but who do you get strength from? >> a bunch of guys. fledged fortran, those are the guys i wanted to be when i got here. i see those guys and i know the sacrifices they are making for the team. it makes me want to go out and win games for them. >> we caught up with other players. as productive as their offense can be, leading the league in total rushing seattle has the fourth best defense in the league.
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>> we are very dangerous especially late in the season, they've been on fire scoring a lot of points. they are a scary team right now and they are on a winning streak. it's definitely going to be a collision. >> a reminder to watch our primetime special -- we give you an inside look into robert griffin the third's life. as the redskins wide receiver said today, he never thought he would see the debris lewis would hang up the cleats. many feel the same way. announced today he would retire after the playoffs, concluding a 17-year career in the nfl. he's been out most of the season with a torn right tricep. he says his decision is based on family. we will certainly miss that
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dance. he wants one last push for the title. >> i played the game at a very high level and rough pace. for me to say make my own it's time to go on. i give them everything i've got. wherever it ends, it ends. i did not come back for it to end the first round. >> williams was suspended by the nfl is indefinitely after the bell of c gate scandal. >> so many haveói
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>> de chile middle of the week. >> the next few days will be in the upper teens and your 40 the next couple days. but milder into the mid 40's of a weekend and good weather for the redskins on sunday and warmer next week. more tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. that does of for us. abc world news is coming up next.
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